Ginger + Waylon Forever


When Austin started med school, I was worried I would raise my babies alone. Instead the opposite came true. I found a group of women that became my village; a safe place to navigate parenthood and discuss everything from breastfeeding to postpartum poos. It’s also where I met Heather. We had our first babies together at the beginning of medical school, and over the past four years those babies have grown up together as best friends.

2012-09-20 14.29.09

Next week Heather, Ginger, Neil, and Tallulah move home to California for residency. We celebrate with them but also mourn the loss of grocery store dates, first days of school, and chasing our kids together at the park. There is something special that happens when you experience all your firsts together. Our mom hearts are bound together for life.


Ginger and Waylon will miss each other but we know this isn’t goodbye, just see you soon.

There is just something about that first best friend.


Ginger and Waylon forever.



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