40 inches


32 lbs


Drawing, writing, books, school, kids, outside, Curious George, jumping, bouncing, sleeping in, cuddling, talking, laughing, wrestling his sister, raspberries, waffles, pasta, pbj, water bottles, the library, Christmas, markers, balls, being surprised.



Half years are like whole years when your kids are young. So much change over the course of a few months. Waylon has been growing and changing in leaps and bounds over the past six months. We’ve overcome our fear of preschool, doctors, and pooping in the pooty (sigh of relief). Big guy is also trying more and more foods despite his deep desire to eat pbj for every meal.

Other milestones include writing his name (and a dozen or so other words) and getting pretty good at the balance bike. He desperately wants to read, but we’re hoping that just happens organically and he doesn’t get too frustrated pushing himself. Kid needs to relax.

A few weeks ago, Waylon’s preschool held parent-teacher conferences and his teacher spent 45 minutes telling me how wonderful he is. So that was nice. She said he is smart, kind, and a friend to everyone. She also said she could tell he’s not the kind of kid who goes and plays for an hour by himself (nope). Whenever the kids have a chance for free time, he stands at her desk and asks to practice writing words. Sorry teach, welcome to my life.

WTB is growing fast. I don’t notice it until I look back at six months or a year ago and see how much older he is now. Every month his vocabulary and brain gets bigger and his pants get shorter. And yet, he is still so little. While he may be slightly ahead with letters and numbers, his emotional being is so young. He still only watches and reads very innocent things. He still cuddles with both Austin and I every day, multiple times a day. He is fragile and needy and emotionally dependent–but all in good ways. Despite his loud and stubborn three-year-old ways, his gentle spirit shines through.

We love him so much.


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