Sweet, demanding, loud, and smart–Waylon is conversational, draining, and very himself. A typical three-year-old boy with a dash of baby loving and heaps of leftover colicky firstborn neediness.

Preschool has been great for both of us. The tears at drop off have been replaced with begging and pleading to HURRY UP on the way out the door. Changes in play (imaginative and creative) and mood (better) were pretty immediate after school began. He loves his teachers and I’ve been told he’s “a wonderful listener and eager to please.” My heart.

Fortunately school hasn’t (yet!) ruined the cuddliness or affectionate ways of this mama’s boy. He still seeks closeness, hugs, and physical kinds of love all day long. He also wants to help, help, help, help, help all the time. If he had his way, he’d be forever attached me, constantly doing projects and singing Raffi songs. Pass the wine.

I love him so much, which is good because he’s an irrational three-year-old and love is the only thing getting us by.

One day at a time (but please slow down).




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