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Things Someone Has Regrettably Stopped Saying

– pappagabees (no direct translation; used as an adjective and noun)

– cogs ee cogs a cogs inanan cogs (repeated when “on the phone”)

-downstahs (downstairs)

-“The wind is spicy!” (we’ve mostly overcome our fear of wind)


Things Someone Says

– “I haven’t seen you alllll day!” (in response to seeing Eva for the 100th time, mimicking dad)

-“Great job pooping in the potty, mommy. Such a big gyrl!” (thanks)

-“These are all my favorite foods!” (in response to a lemonade slushie?)

-“Where the heck is George??” (in response to, “Where the heck is Daddy?”)

-“Oh my gosh!” (dropped something)

-“Give me some pribacy!” (in response to peering into the bathroom)

-“Imma bad t-wex!” (no idea, mild obsession with dinosaurs)

-“Are you reawly proud of me mommy?” (yup)

-“Are you always in ma heawt?” (yup)

-“Yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook yook.” (for the love I am looking)

-Eva Bahsemmmmbderr (nice try, buddy)

-“There’s a giant in there!” (obsessed with Jack In The Beanstalk)

-“I don’t want to go see the giant!” (Buddy, I mean the grocery store called Giant)

-“There’s a KANGAROO in there!” (also scared to death of kangaroos)

-“It’s getting in my nose Mommy! Make it stop!” (hates getting into a hot car)

-“Evie wants to yook at me!” (yup)

-“GET OUT OF MY ROOM!” (someone sleeps like a teenager)

-“TURN THE FAN BACK ON!” (seriously. hates to be woken up)

-“I AM SLEEPING GO AWAY” (Lord help me when school starts)

-“Can you turn off that formonitor?” (Hates the sound of the monitor)

-“Oh. I forgot.” (in response to “yes, the sky is blue” and other obvious answers)

-“I am playing in the DIAMOND room!” (dining room, obvi)


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