Conversations With Waylon

2014-01-10 19.22.57-1



Waylon: Will I definitewee go swimming in the pool Mommy?

Me: What? Swim in what pool?

Waylon: Will I definitewee swim in the pool with my goggles?

Me: Yeah, sure. In the summer. It’s too cold out right now.

Waylon: Okay. When the sun comes out I get my bathing suit on.

Me: Stop. Don’t be gross.

Waylon: I’m not gross! I’m a Waylon!

Me: Do you want to draw a person?

Waylon: No, I’ll just draw a mommy.

Waylon: Hi Daddy! Did you have a nice day?

Austin: Yup. Did you?

Waylon: Yeah! You prack-iss-ing to be a doctah?

Waylon: I do not cut Eva with a scissors, right Mommy?

Me: Um, right.

Waylon: Sometime when I get little, I can have some milk. Right Mommy?



Here my are!

I can do it mySOLF.

What’s it time for?

I not get my shot.

I love you Mommy/Daddy/random cousin

Good job!

Nice shot!

Those are really nice pants!



  1. I love kids learning to talk! I feel like we all live by words, and it’s so exciting when someone new joins that world.

  2. His comment about the milk killed me when I first read it on your blog. So adorable, and a little sad, but sweet… Makes me go “awwww”. :-)

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