Waylon’s Summer Diary (2013)


In Review

Waylon had a nice summer. I know this because a) I was there, we did lots of things and b) he is two and would be content to shred toilet paper all day. 

The kid is amazing. I know all parents say this, but if you spend all your time with a two year old–your only saving grace is to believe they are amazing. Otherwise it would be endless days with a raving lunatic and that, my friend, is a dangerous game.

Two year olds are funny. They are also exhausting and impossibly loud. Have you ever tried to teach a toddler to whisper? You end up with an ear full of spit and degenerative nerves.

They also love to help. It is endearing and patience testing. Picking vegetables, vacuuming the floor, folding the wash, cooking dinner—they are right there, squashing and untidying and sneezing into the brownie batter. God give me strength.

Speech Translations

It’s my peekaboo! (it’s a sprinkler)

Yook, it’s the ocean! (it’s sand in a baseball diamond).

Yook, a fat chicken! (it’s a turkey).

Head you (hold me).

I’m picking my pahyayos (I’m ripping out all the unripe tomatoes).

Mommy has a bahgina, daddy has a peep (things not to say in the grocery store).

Daddy’s practicing be a doctah (dad is probably botching a poor woman’s vaginal stitches).

Where’s-a my cup/tigey/pinwheel/lawn mower (I lose everything).

Mommy find it? (you are my slave).

My baby sistah in there (and she will be mine).

Daddy misses you (dad misses me).

Watch out people, mommy’s here! (things we teach our kids to amuse ourselves).


Home Movies

Summer 2013















  1. Annnnnd I’m teary eyed, you have a real gift for making these videos. When Waylon puts his arm around the little girl at the piano my heart just about burst open, so precious.

  2. Thanks for sharing your amazing summer video. When Waylon sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star I cried. He really showed his love for the baby.
    Another favorite: Waylon dancing and playing the piano with his little “girlfriend”.

  3. Your video made me cry too- so sweet and yes Waylon is going to be such a good big brother! At the end the way he was singing to his cousin and holding him……..you can tell he is such a sweet little boy.

    I also say thank you for posting this because it reminds me to take more videos of my babies. They are turning one in just a few short weeks and we have so many great pictures of them but barely any videos. These are such great moments that you captured so thank you for this reminder to take out our video camera since time goes by wayyy too fast with these little ones.

  4. when my son was 3 he watched thumbelina. and it had a fairy prince. and he promptly donned a pair of fairy wings from his sister’s dress up clothes, a stick stuck in his pants for a sword and his best cowboy boots.
    and then ran around like that for days.
    and when people would come to the door and see my son in fairy wings and give me this face —> o.O i would shrug and say what? he’s a fairy prince. you think fairies are asexual?

    loved seeing your little man with fairy wings. brought back a good memory.

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