Waylon: Two Years


Today my 24 pound baby turns two.

They say, “Isn’t it hard to believe?” but I disagree. I’ve lived every smile, every tear, every late night and every early morning. For two whole years I have carried this body up and down stairs, in and out of the car, and to and from the kitchen to get another drink or another handful of raisins. I have rocked this baby almost every single night. I have changed his diapers, I have celebrated naps, I have kissed his face over 1,000 times.

Today my boy turns two. He’s happy. He’s hearty. He’s healthy. Hallelujah.

Cheers to making it through the first two years with minimal scrapes and bruises. Cheers to my co-pilot and family and non family who acts like family. Cheers to it taking a village. Cheers to survival. Cheers to two tender years of being in love.

You are smart. You are tall. You are clumsy and vain. 

You are made of all our best dreams.

Happy birthday baby boy, you are loved.


Birthday Video


Baer Home Movies: Spring 2013


-Forgetful Stats-

Height: 35 inches

Weight: 24 pounds


Favorite foods: Peas, macaroni, pasta, cheese, eggs, meat, cooked broccoli, bread, beans, sweet potatoes, stir fry, raisins, cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter and jelly, grapes, blueberries, ketchup, hot sauce, strawberries, chips and salsa, popsicles, pancakes, & waffles.

Loves: Putting Sophie & friends to bed, playing kitchen, playing legos, playing cars, reading, running, jumping, playing in/with water, dirt, weeding, being held, being rocked, coloring, unfolding and refolding the laundry, kitchen magnets, writing letters, Daniel Tiger, throwing/kicking/catching balls, talking about the lawnmower and weedwacker, Elmo, puzzles, grandparents, parks, people, dead bugs, & stickers.

Hates: Not being able to have the same skill sets as a full grown human, unplanned baths, itchy tags, & loud noises.

Milestones: Knows lowercase and uppercase letters, recognizes most colors, “reads” independently, speaks in complete sentences, has pooped/peed in potty, can play independently (finally) for +30 minutes, can follow simple directions, & has finally overcome an incredible fear of bees.

Sidenote for later babies: A few months ago Waylon became incredibly fearful of things he used to never bat an eye over; bugs, vacuums, washing machines, lawnmowers, motorcycles, the ocean. At first I was alarmed but have learned it is a normal developmental stage in toddlerdom. We comfort him when he’s upset but encourage him to think about it differently. So far he’s overcome a very dramatic and loud sobbing fear of bees and motorcycles. One day at a time.


IMG_8064 IMG_8073 IMG_8081



IMG_8095 IMG_8123 IMG_8125

IMG_8195 IMG_8199

IMG_8215 IMG_8224

IMG_8832 IMG_8842 IMG_8851



  1. Oh Happy Birthday Waylon! And happy day to you too mama, what a milestone. Waylon is going to rock being two. love you all.

  2. Happy birthday Waylon! You need to do a blog post on how you taught your child to do all those milestones! That is incredible. Uppercase and lowercase letters???

  3. Just stumbled across your blog. Love it so far! On a side note… is Waylon still in the floor bed? How did nursing to sleep pan out. I’m living this with a six month old right now! :-)

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