Waylon: 20 Months

20 Mos

Another month, another digital scrapbook page so I don’t forget. Kid, here are your stats:

20 Months

Height: 34" (81%)
Weight: 22 lbs (4%)
Milestones: Repeating and recognizing letters and growing your vocabulary word by word.

Lest you be fooled by these pictures, our 20 month old is not potty trained. He does love to wear underwear like a boss. The second those bad boys are on, he turns into the incredible hulk and runs around the house making muscles and quoting Lou Ferrigno. Oy.

Happy 20 Months, superstar.

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  1. he’s so cute. and you, my dear, are a creative genius.

    also, enjoy the on demand talking now… :) When Marc comes home from school, and I ask him how his day was, he says with a shake of the head…”I don’t want to talk about it.” I have no idea who he gets THAT from. ;)

  2. So sweet, but the proooblem is to me he looks like a giant kid, not a baby, and then I realize Gray is even older than Waylon and that is just a hard pill to swallow. Where did the babies go!?

    Also, fist bump for the tall babies that can’t keep any weight on. Gray’s a skinnyminny too.

  3. I am just curious….when he wears his big boy undies, does he pee/poop in them or go in the toilet? I got very lucky with all 3 of my kids in the potty-training department!! I think God knew I couldn’t afford any more diapers when my older 2 were younger (now 13 and 12) and that I didn’t want to change another poopy diaper. LOL! Colton (my last baby, now 3 years old) is potty-trained but I still put him in night-time pull-ups. I tried to let him go without for a week and we had a wet bed 4 out of 7 nights. Soon he will be out of those too. I hope!

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