Winter Home Movies {2013}


I grew up in a home movie kind of family. From the day I was born, my dad has been wielding a giant camera to capture first steps, family vacations, and birthday parties just like his father and his father’s father. It’s pretty great. Not only is it fun to watch a younger version of yourself, but who doesn’t want to remember chicken pox, jelly shoes, or that time you shut down a water park due to blood and screaming? (True story)

27 years later and here I am, now wielding my own camera at all the important and unimportant moments in life. Say what you will about living in the moment and an over photographed world, it doesn’t bother me. I love replaying wedding videos, travel diaries, and staring at Waylon’s baby face. It reminds me how fast we’re moving. It’s also just a great way to remember how young we were and laugh about flare jeans. Can you believe those things? I looked like a celery stalk wearing denim.

What about you? Do you have home movies of you growing up? Do you take videos now?



  1. I love home videos! We were a home video sort of family too, and I think it’s special to carry the tradition on in our own families. I have tooooo many videos of Taylor but I like to think she’ll be pleased/horribly embarrassed when she’s older.

  2. That was really an awesome video! I was I had that talent. I was just saying to my Jana this morning how I can’t believe she is in 3rd grade. I think I’m going to spend time today looking at all of my photos! Thank you for the reminder!

  3. I must say that your home videos are greatly improved versions of dads. His spin around the room to quick and somehow always end up looking at the floor or end abruptly. However your face usually did end up smushed into the camera lense…oh memories.

  4. i love this video. at the same time, though, i feel like a total schmuck that my kids will have no idea what they looked like, what they used to do, etc., etc., because I suck at documenting everything…

  5. I like home movies now that they can be edited! I always joke that there is nothing more tortuous than having to watch someone else’s home movies, which includes 2 hours of Christmas present opening. I get the point after 2 minutes. When I make Connor’s movies, I like to really cut out the unnecessary.

  6. Love the video. My husband is actually the video all-star on our team…always remembering to take the camera out. I’m trying to get better at documenting the every day moments (like Waylon under the high chair) and not just the big events. Nice work!

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