Waylon: 17 Months

When I was three months pregnant with Waylon, I spent 74 dollars on baby scrapbook supplies. As of November 26, 2012, I have three pages finished; one with a few bump shots, the other two filled with a few odd pictures of our babymoon. The box of supplies still resides in the attic. Last time I checked, everything was covered in a thin layer of dust.

I do have this blog, which sloppily documents milestones and inches. I’m not worried about it. Long ago I realized I’m not one of those people who keeps baby books or scrapbooks. I want to be, but I’m not. Kudos to the organized. I’m sure you also have a clean kitchen sink.

For lack of a better place to write it all down, this:

17 Months

Height: 31.5 inches (48th %)

Weight: 21 pounds (7th %)

Dear Waylon:

Hey big guy. We cut your hair last week. I don’t know exactly why we did it. I think it was a combination of too many knots and the reality that you had a mullet. Regardless, I miss your baby wisps. You look like a big kid now.

Some of your recent favorites: singing, coloring, feeding your stuffed animals, taking walks without the stroller, fig newtons. If I were a robot, you’d program me to read to you all day, but that’s nothing new. You’ve loved books since your eyes could focus on a page. Full disclosure, I am so, so tired of Richard Scary’s Color Book and The Very Busy Spider, but we persevere.

You are still breastfeeding. Does that gross you out? I’m picturing you reading this when you’re 17 and you’re probably grossed out. Whatever. You love it, and would do it all day long if I let you. Instead we snuggle and nurse only before naptime, bedtime, and in the early morning when the sun is still low and I’m very, very sleepy. Thanks for sleeping in with me after that morning nurse. We both need it.

Lately you’ve been driving me nuts with a lot of shrieking and dramatics when you don’t get your way. If only you could tell me what you want instead of grunting and expecting telepathy. What a miracle that would be.

I patiently await speech.






  1. Wow, Waylon is growing up fast! He is very photogenic. I love the shots with Dr. B AKA Dad. Who does he look like?
    Waylon, of course. TG

  2. Gosh he is so cute. Parker wakes up with the craziest bed head and I always debate: cut it or no? So far, still no. But it’s getting to the mullet territory.

    I’m not a scrap booking Mom no matter how hard I want to be. But, the blog. I mean, it’s a digital scrapbook, COME ON.

    Speech. Patiently awaiting too. Grunting, throwing onesself down on the floor. We’re waiting…

  3. Cherish the bad, the good and the repetitive it goes way to fast! I think a blog is better then a scrapbook. I love the video’s,pictures and letters. There is less chance for little hands to rip it or coffee being split on it :-)

  4. this is exactly how old tate was when jack was born. sadly the next month or two for us would be a bit of a blur. i like to think we are making up for that blur by leaps and bounds now!

  5. I am no longer patiently waiting for speech. I am now frustrated and still waiting. Frustrating pretty much sums up our whole communication situation these days.

    Waylon is such a handsome fella!

  6. Love this….my scrapbooking materials also lie under a thin layer of dust…but we blog on. I totally picture my little guy reading this at 17 and being disgusted by all of our ’round the clock physical contact. Glad I’m not alone.

  7. I have a very mediocre scrap boom for Isla June, just so I will have something tangible to force on her when she grows up and gets a house of her own. But, most of it is on the blog- but that’s pretty mediocre as well.
    W all do the best we can. And I think you’re doing great.
    Have you thought about sign language with the toddler frustration? It was great for us during this trying stage

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