For You In The 10%

I go in phases with pictures. Some weeks they’re plentiful and other times I ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT TAKE ANY PICTURES BECAUSE IT’S TOO MUCH WORK.

During the camera bearing weeks, I always struggle with what to do with all the photo files. Usually I decide between one of three things:

A) Post them online (blog/facebook/instagram).

B) Send them to my mom.

or C) Let them disappear into the vortex of my computer.

Option A is great as it satisfies my need to share, yet it often leaves me feeling annoyed with myself. Option B is okay too, although I’m pretty sure my mom still doesn’t know how to open attachments. Option C is the laziest, but that’s okay because I also buy pre-grated carrots so obviously I’m not embarrassed about being lazy.

Here’s the thing, anytime I’m writing a blog post I ask myself, “Would I want to read that?” And when it comes to pictures of my kid, I know it’s not interesting unless maybe you know me. And I say “maybe” because even those who know me are probably sick of seeing overabundant proof that I have a child and a camera.

Roughly 10% of my readers are people who “know me.” You know, friends, family, acquaintances, ex-coworkers. Obviously knowing someone is a very subjective spectrum. Regardless, this Saturday post is really only for those who aren’t tired of seeing pictures of this kid. If you make it until the end, consider yourself family.

Have a great weekend.



You made it this far? Here is your reward:

Late Night Conversation With A Dream Crusher

Me: Are you asleep?

Austin: No.

Me: Do you need something to think about to help you fall asleep? Lately I’ve been thinking about if we won a free, solar powered RV.

Austin: {Silence}

Me: Did you hear me?

Austin: Yeah.

Me: A free solar powered RV! It would be so amazing.

Austin: If we get a free, solar powered RV, we’re selling it.

Me: What?

Austin: If we won a solar powered RV, we would sell it.

Me: We’re not selling it.

Austin: {Silence}

Me: I do worry about where we’re going to keep it. Can we park it on our street?

Austin: No.

Me: What about Amber and Jason’s barn? We’ll just keep it there.

Austin: We’re not keeping our brand new, solar powered RV in an old barn.

Me: Your parents house?

Austin: They don’t have room.

Me: Yeah, we’ll have to come up with something.

Austin: Like selling it? We’re not keeping the RV. We don’t need it.

Me: Over my dead body will you sell our free, solar powered RV.

Austin: If that’s what it takes. Goodnight.




  1. Not family. Never commented before. But glad to be part of the 10% who love posts like these. Beautiful boy! And I loved my “reward.” Lol

  2. I never get tired of pictures of that little man!!! And I would so love to be family with you so… :). Isn’t it just wild how these little boys are growing up?!

  3. I always worry about putting too many pictures of Olivia on my blog, but then I really like looking at pictures of other’s babies. Maybe people like it more than they let on. . . ? It doesn’t hurt when its a super adorable kid like Waylon!

  4. if you stop posting pictures, i will stop reading your blog. just kidding. but really, he is adorable and you are a great photographer, so keep them coming.

  5. I always enjoy your photos of Waylon. His expressions are so varied and I like “watching him grow” on your blog. Keep posting a lot of pictures!

  6. So often when enjoying all the pictures you take of Waylon (I do think you take as many photos in one shoot as I have total of all six of mine), I just think of how lucky he is to have his childhood so well documented. So don’t let your little man down!

  7. wow, only 10%? is it weird to know 90% of your readers read your blog in some random voice they made up for you, not your actual voice the 10%-ers hear? I wonder what you sound like to them!

  8. Part of the 90% but I’m such a devoted follower of your blog that I do feel that I know you (weird? creepy? sorry!) I LOVE Walyon photo shoots… keep them coming!

    I vote to keep the RV, sell the house, and live life as a modern day nomad. How fun would that be?

  9. Hi Kate….this is Marilyn one of The Gang ! Love your writing! Your guy is adorable too! As a teacher of elementary school children, I am highly anticipating your entries when Waylon gets to school age…! Another world of ideas for your blog will open up! And I wanna see that first blog! Hopefully you will still be writing then. I know it seems like a long way off but it will be here before you know it.

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