The Yellow Boots

Waylon does not have a blanket. He does not have a nook or a special stuffed bear or any other object that calms him down or helps him fall asleep. All he has is me. Old Mommer. I am his security object.

It’s not ideal, and for months I worried this meant nothing would ever cheer him up unless I was there to rip off my clothes and settle down for a nurse. This is not convenient at the grocery store. It will be even less convenient when he goes off to college.

At first he was a baby so I shrugged and said “he’s just a baby!” But now he’s not really a baby anymore so I’ve been working on distraction and pushing the cold, hard facts of life. Like, Mommer is tired and Mommer is especially tired of breastfeeding in restaurant bathrooms.

It’s a work in progress. He still doesn’t have a replacement for me, but he does have a few weird things that trigger him back to happy in a pinch. The first one is a little embarrassing (pretzel sticks, unhealthy!), the second one is common (a special song, how annoying!), and the third one is just bizarre. A pair of yellow boots.

This kid loves boots. He loves them so much that he can’t wait to put them on in the morning and doesn’t want to take them off at night. He loves them so much that when he’s wearing one pair, he inevitably comes to me with another pair asking to wear both.

The yellow ones are his favorite. I guess the monkeys are a riot? I don’t know. Mostly he just walks around with his gut out and his eyes pointed down so he can watch his feet crush things like discarded cheerios and my toes. Is this what boys do? I only had a sister. Stop stepping on my feet.

Not to get all Carrie Bradshaw on you, but I guess we all have a pair of proverbial yellow boots; something that helps us calm down, start fresh, think differently, and in its simplest form–remind us that we’re pretty cool.

Whatever works.




  1. That’s beyond cute! Tommy’s special thing is a musical seahorse. Best Fisher Price toy ever. I remember it used to help me fall asleep after those late night feedings :)

  2. I’m not sure it makes me feel very cool, but I totally STILL sleep with my teddy bear that I’ve had since infancy. My mom has a picture of me laying next to the bear and it’s bigger than I was. I swore I’d give it up when I got married, but three years later…here we are.

    If Waylon’s anything like me it’s a good thing he found those boots, hopefully he’ll take those to his married bed rather than your boobs ;)

  3. My “yellow boots” are books. Reading and reading lots makes me feel good and seeing all my beautiful books lined up makes me feel good about myself. Probably not as sexy as yellow boots…

  4. I must say, your son is quite adorable-boots and all! and you do such a nice job capturing him with your photos! what kind of camera do you use? it does an amazing job (with your skills of course).

  5. Oh wow. I just got this flash of a little pair of brown cowboy boots I have shoved up in the attic. Little brown boots that my little man wore EVERYDAY, all day, no matter the weather, the time of day…shorts and boots, 95 degrees and boots. The day he outgrew them was sad, indeed.
    Enjoy your gorgeous little man and his awesome yellow boots :-)

  6. James has a pair of green monster boots he adores. He loves seeking out puddles on Brooklyn’s dirty streets. This post was so low-key, non-controversial in comparison to the sex-one. Balance is good :-) 18 comments to 108! And what I variety of opinions and comments you had on that last post. I showed it to all my friends. Also, for your ego: I found out that a friend of a friend, whom I’ve been told I should meet and would love and who lives in Queens (I’m in Brooklyn), also reads your blog. It was posited to me as one more reason that I should get together with said individual. Here! Here!

  7. I’m about to leave the house in a few minutes. I am wearing a shirt I hate. It makes me feel like a big ole frump. The shirt I really want to wear is one I wear often. Probably because I feel like the opposite of a frump in it and it always makes me smile.

    Waylon’s yellow boots inspired me. I’m off to change shirts.

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