My Fluffy: A Love Story

Guess what, guys. I have a fluffy.

It came out of nowhere one day and now it’s mine.

Mom says we are only “cat-sitting” but I don’t know what that means.

I thought I knew but then everyone yelled GENTLE! GENTLE! and I knew I got it wrong.

It was still pretty fun.

Sometimes my fluffy makes noise when I squeeze it.

Mom says I have to stop that too but my fluffy doesn’t care.

Mostly he’s just sleepy and hairy and licks his crotch.

He is my friend.

And I will love him forever.

I got a fluffy.




  1. That is one seriously cute kid– and cat. Remind me to never let WT cat-sit my Fluff, she would not tolerate it as well. ;). Love the photo shoot and story!

  2. Super cute!!! And that is one nonchalant cat. Our one cat barely lets Tommy touch her and the other will–until he ultimately smacks him :P Cats are awesome though. If I never married, I’d likely have 5 cats. Or more.

  3. That cat is amazing. And your boy is channeling Dennis the Menace (the early nineties film version) so hard in these photos. It’s awesome.

  4. How funny. I wrote almost an identical post this morning, but about my daughter and her toy turtle. It was even titled “Turtle: A Love Story”. Kind of eerie. Fluffy is definitely cuter than Turtle, though. You’ve got me beat!

  5. Kate, This is a children’s book–seriously! It’s perfect, photos and all. Of course, I’m not an editor:(
    P.S. I check your blog religiously, and this is my 1st response–what does that tell you?

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