A First Father’s Day

For Waylon

The day you entered the world, your daddy changed.

Before, he was just a man. A man who liked a lot of things and even cared to love a few things too. A man who had dreams and goals and fears about being a dad. A man who said, “How will I know I’m ready to be a father?”

The day I told him you were coming, he was speechless. He sat with his head in his hands and said, “I’m going to be a dad.” He was so surprised.

For nine months we dreamed you. We tried so hard to picture you, but we couldn’t. All we could see were baseball gloves and puppy-dog tails, the things from storybooks. We couldn’t see your face.

It wasn’t long before we were impatient. Your dad wanted to meet you so badly. He whispered to my belly, “please come.” But you took your time.

Then one very early morning something shifted and you were on your way.

I was so scared, but your dad was strong. He never let go of my hand, never gave up on me and you. He said, “our baby is coming.” There were tears in his eyes.

The day you entered the world, your daddy changed.

You slid out and into our arms and your dad’s face shone with disbelief and joy. He clutched my hand and said “He’s perfect!” over and over until we finally believed it.

When we brought you home, I was scared. I was afraid I was doing this alone, but your dad never left my side. The diapers, the baths, the late night cries–it was the beginning of a love story.

The day you entered the world, your daddy changed.

His hands became father’s hands, his eyes became father’s eyes, his heart– a father’s heart.

Happy Father’s Day




  1. This is perfect!! and it describes almost exactly how our journey has been too… I was the one that was afraid and Ralph has just been a rock and aced this whole parenting thing! What would we do without them?!

  2. So Beautiful! Several weeks after our son was born, I was (hormones) suddenly overwhelmed with a great sense of pity for my husband, who would work 10 hour days, arrive home, and take the colicky baby from me, holding him, walking around with him, comforting him from 5:00-11:00, which was the time that the baby would finally fall asleep. I just didn’t know how my husband had the energy to work all day, take care of a colicky baby the rest of the day, and make sure that I wasn’t falling apart at the seams. As I told my husband how I pitied him, he looked at me with the most lovingly amused expression. He asked me to stand up from the recliner I was sitting on, turned it over (he’s strong:), and placed it upside on the ground. He said to me, “Look at this recliner. It is not happy. It is not fulfilling its purpose. It wants to hold people, not just sit here.” He then turned the chair right side up and asked me to sit down again. He finished his little object lesson by saying, “I am happy. I am fulfilling my purpose. I am doing what I was always meant to do.” I will never forget that moment. Sounds like Waylon has a daddy who delights in him–what a blessing. :) Happy Father’s Day!

  3. Those of us who have men like this to be fathers to our children are so incredibly blessed! What better gift could God give us? Beautifully written, Kate!

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