Waylon: 10 Months


Splashing in the toilet. Splashing in the bath. Splashing in a bowl of water out in the sunshine. Snuggling. Cuddling. Tackling. Nursing. Cheerios. Peas. Grapes. Yams. Anything on our plates. Iced Tea (oops!). Bugs. Dirt. Puppies. People. Cords. Stairs. Drawers. Cupboards. Crawling. Walking. Giggling. Pooping. Mirrors. Sticks. Balls. Cars. Music. Unfolding all of the wash.


Getting the nose snot sucked out of his nose. Being ignored.

10 Months With Waylon

Waylon, you are one funny kid. Lately you’ve been following me around like a dog. It’s like you’re pretending to be a an actual puppy. You paw at the ground, beg for food, chase balls, get into the toilet, lick things up off the floor. It’s gross.

When you’re not acting like a dog, you are trying to walk! Bless you, you try to so hard. Yesterday you took 7 steps for Aunt Kelly. She must be very motivating.

In other news, you are enormous. My back is breaking from picking you up all day long. I should count my lucky stars you are only in the 4th percentile for weight. 75th for height! You are going to be a giant. Don’t worry though, we’re probably stunting your growth with all the iced tea we give you. You’re welcome.

What else is new? You can say “ball!” Your first word after Mama and Dada. You have also come to terms with the vacuum cleaner, as long as you know it’s coming.

You can climb a whole flight of stairs, mostly supervised (some of us forget to latch the baby gate – not me).

You’ve also mastered putting your hands up when we ask “How big is Waylon?” and give high fives on demand.

Clapping is your favorite though. You do it when you’re happy, when you’re sad, when you want up, when you want down. My favorite is when you see my milkers and you let out a happy shriek and a round of applause. It’s nice to feel appreciated.

Things I don’t want to forget: Your five toothed grin. Your open mouthed kisses. The way you shake your head back and forth whenever I start singing. Your cuddles with Daddy.

Two months away from being a year and I guess we’ll keep you. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.



  1. Those buggers love to drink out of your glass, don’t they? My kids are always climbing on me to get to my drink. Finally I had to institute a NO DRINKING OUT OF MOM’S GLASS policy. Morale as improved.

  2. Happy 10 months!

    Count your lucky stars he is only in the 4th percentile weight wise and he’s learning to walk :). My 10 month old is 85th and 95th for weight and height (approaching 24lbs and 32 inches) and has shown no signs of even pulling up yet. The heating pad has become my best friend :P

  3. Waylon – I admire your progress. Seeing a vacuum still makes me want to climb out of reach out its sucking roar.

  4. I think you got some great pictures! Growing like a weed, I tell ya. Wait till he is an able bodied toddler but still wants/needs you to carry him. I feel like an arthritic, osteoporos-ied 87 yr old most days. Breakin ma back.
    Have I missed the cloth diapers before? Or is this a new venture (yay! for either one CD-ers unite!)

  5. i like calling em ‘milkers.’

    i say ‘na na?!’ and he starts pretty much snorting and crawling over to me, face planting himself at my chest.

    boys and boobs. some things never change.

    happy ten months, waylon!

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