Waylon: 8 Months

February 26, 2012

Dear Baby,

You are 8 months old today.

So much has happened this month. You learned to crawl, stand, clap, sing, dance, and you sprouted another handful of hair and a third tooth. You also started wanting big people food which has me very relieved. I thought you might breastfeed forever.

Oh Waylon. You are not easy. You are emotional and needy, curious and demanding. You want my attention exactly when you want it and not 30 seconds later. You only want to nurse lying down and you only want to sleep wedged in my armpit. One minute you are happy as a clam and the next you are whiny and clingy. When you get mad you close your eyes, ball up your fists, and scream with the fury of a thousand vikings. Sometimes I worry you might be dramatic. I suppose I deserve it.

Fortunately you are also incredibly sweet. You’ll wake up from a nap with that sleepy grin on your face and I think my heart will break into a million pieces. Then you’ll play so nicely with your toys that I think you might be an angel. When you’re in a good mood you’ll clap on demand, sing along to all my songs, shake your head to the music, and say ma-ma-ma and da-da-da like it’s your job. You may have heard your dad and I use the word “genius.” Ignore us, we’re just lovestruck.

Last night a miracle happened. You snuggled with me, newborn style, while your dad and I watched a late night movie. You fell asleep with your sweaty head resting on my chest and I wrapped my arms around you, wishing the moment would never end, that I could keep you like this forever–toothaches, constipation, screaming fits and all. Maybe you were just tired or maybe you knew I needed that snuggle. Maybe you know you’re growing up, too.

Oh baby boy, you are the light of our life. Every day your dad and I look at each other and silently wonder how we created such a beautiful monster. Never lose that spark. Or rather, never let us take your spark for granted. That is my prayer.

Happy 8 months, Waylon T. Keep on keeping on.






Length: 27.5 inches

Weight: 17.5 lbs

Loves: Attention. 24/7. Think Charlie Sheen. Also, music.

Hates: Getting dressed. This is slowly driving me to crazytown.

Eats: Sweet potatoes, prunes, ladybugs (oops), anything really.

Sleeps: We all go to bed around 11pm and wake up between 8 and 9am.



  1. cutest. love the ladybug (oops!) part. parker is so not into food either. but, looks like maybe he’ll just up and decide he likes it sometime like waylon. right now, it’s just nursing.

    why do they have to grow so fast? don’t you feel like you arrived at this 8 month stage in a flash? too fast, babies. too fast.

  2. Oops! Maybe ladybugs are actually amazing.

    Waylon is lucky to have all these letters and pictures for when he’s an adult. I bet he’ll be a funny guy.

  3. Sweets…your mother and I are still in awe that we were able to create two wonderful daughters….now we have the privilege of having and loving a grandson! Mind blower!!!

    You know this little “monster” will be a Tiger don’t you? He will want to be doing something all the time just like his parents. Prepare for the next chapter…it’s gonna be a hum-dinger!

  4. Love his hair.

    This is a sweet letter. A ladybug or two won’t hurt him. I’m glad you’re such a flexible mama ;)

  5. Happy 8 months!!

    I know the fury of a thousand vikings all too well. I call Tommy’s meltdowns his Armageddon fits because he acts like the world is ending. They generally occur when it’s nap time. :P

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