I Love You More Than Cheesecurls

I love you more than cheesecurls.

More than ocean swimming, dolphin spotting, or looking great in a shiny, tiny, pink bikini.

I love you more than than dark chocolate truffles or shoofly pie or triple layer cake. More than ice cream sundaes or raspberry sorbet. More than every cookie in every cookie jar in the history of cookie jars.

I love you more than comfortable underwear or socks without holes or the perfect pair of jeans. I love you more than long white dresses or summer skirts or floppy hats. More than movie star sunglasses or dangly earrings. I love you more than my wedding gown.

I love you more than money. More than getting a book published or winning the lottery or being debt free. More than every single dollar ever printed in the whole United States. More than my dream house or dream bedroom or my dream front porch. More than any ridiculous kitchen sink I’ve ever pinned on Pinterest.

I love you more than sleep. More than 10 hours of uninterrupted, glorious sleep. More than the best dream I’ve ever had. More than my memory foam pillow or my soft down comforter. More than warm covers in a cold room or the sound of the rain outside the window.

I love you more than full Easter baskets or felt tip markers. More than the first day of Spring or fresh baby goats or a tall Orange Julius. More than kittens and puppies, road trips and pedicures, Broadway and Venice. I love you more than every trip I’ve ever taken.

I love you more than perfect grilled cheese sandwiches or a perfect haircut or a perfect parallel park. More than perfect pitch or perfect harmonies or the perfect song for the perfect moment. I love you more than perfect.

Oh baby boy, how I love you.




  1. I read this as I listened to Phil Collins sing “You’ll be in my Heart” on Pandora. Perfect. (Plus the Becky bear helped, too.)

  2. Seriously, the stuff you write is worth gold. And if nothing else, it will be an incredible testament to your role as a mother. Waylon is one lucky little dude to have a mama like you.

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