7 Months

My baby is seven months old today. Seven months ago he was just a shriveled up space alien and now he’s almost crawling. Yesterday I was on the phone with a friend and she asked if I could believe I have a seven month old already. I paused and said yes. Yes I can believe it because I live it every day. I live his every development, his every milestone, his every cry. Babies have a way of forcing you to live in the present, so time has become very dependable and genuine. Like a flaky friend who decides to grow up.

I’m sure this will change.

In other news, here are some pictures of the monster. I almost closed comments on this post because I worry you think I put up these pictures just so you can say “OMG, he’s so cute.” Dude, babies are cute and I don’t want you to feel obligated to say so.

Anyways, Happy 7 Months WTB. You are a rock star.



  1. Well Kate – He IS very cute, and he’s beginning to look like a little boy. He looks so proud of himself when he’s learning how to crawl. Happy seven months Waylon!

  2. Happy 7mos Ways! The reason I moved to PA was so I could (try to) live his every milestone, too. When he looks at me and recognizes me with a smile on his face melts my heart. Every time.

  3. I love how you wrote this because it is so true… my baby is turning 1 this week and in one way, I can`t believe he is not a baby anymore and yet I feel exactly the same way as you… I have lived every one of these days, I have not slept through the night for a whole year now… so yes, I do know he is a year old and I CAN believe it! :-) Good words!
    And yes your baby is precious but you already know that!

  4. normally i think he looks like you, but i think he looks like austin in the top picture. i love the pics of him crawling. go waylon!! i’d like a video please. :)

  5. Not all babies are cute; consequently, I don’t go around proclaiming my adoration for many babies on the interwebs. But you know how I feel about my favorite BlogLand baby. He is SO CUTE.

  6. Yes, all babies are cute, in their own way. But I am only led to comment on their cuteness on blogs if I really, truly think they are. And Waylon is SO cute! :)

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