Waylon: Six Month Stats

The day after Christmas, Waylon turned 6 months old.

6 month old babies have always been my favorite, and Waylon does not disappoint. He’s funny, really funny. Of course he’s also a royal pain in the arse with all this screeching and biting (moment of silence for the ladies), but I do find myself wanting to freeze time, make these moments last just a little longer. Parents love to say “they grow up so fast.” I think this is because there’s nothing else to say, no other way to put it. I can already feel this baby stage slipping through my fingers as he sprouts teeth, moves more, and snuggles less.

Anyway, I am fully aware that these monthly stats are more for me than for you. I want to remember this some day, and writing it all down relieves my nostalgic, worrier, hoarder self. You’re welcome, future Kate (and my apologies future babies whose Mom is too tired to do this for them too).

Height: 28 inches

Weight: 16 pounds

Favorite Places:


Favorite Things:

THE NOOK, saucer, Sophie, crinkly butterfly, magazines.

Favorite Activity:

Being Naked.


Sitting up. Eating bites of food and liking it. Saying “ma”. Teeth.

Overheard From Mom:

“Your foot smells like cheese.”

Overheard From Dad:

“Your peep’s in the wind.”


Three naps and up at least twice at night to eat.


He poops once a week. It’s awesome.


Splashing in the bath, clawing my face, given every ounce of our attention.


Getting dressed.

Month In Review:

Watch it on Vimeo here

Happy half birthday, WTB! You are my superstar.



  1. I love this age too. And boy do I understand the screeching…especially at 7 A.M. or in the middle of church :P They just love to hear themselves at this age.

    1. Posted on You’re a far braver veiewr than I I’ve given up on even the one genre show this season I sorta liked, Reaper, cause when it’s on, I can’t motivate enough interest to actually watch a whole episode.I’m a reality whore now. It’s all I do.

  2. Dear Kate,
    Can you pleas document my baby’s milestones and make awesome videos of it every month? Thanks, you’re a great friend.

  3. My little man turned 6 months the day before Christmas!! So fun cuz I can relate to a LOT of your stats. However, you’re boy looks much sturdier than Cohen sitting on that dining table! I’m pretty sure he’d topple over if we tried that. What a sweet heart.

  4. Waylon is super adorable of course! But that striped hoodie is just too much. It is all perfect! Enjoy the moments. And you are right, they grow up to fast, and there really isn’t a better way to put it.

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