Year In Review

This year was hailed “the year of change” even before it began. Austin and I entered 2011 knowing we’d soon face a new baby, a move to a new apartment, the start of medical school, and a change in location, jobs, and income. We knew there would be challenges to overcome, adjustments to make, diapers to change, and a steep learning curve. We knew it would be difficult and spectacular and weird. We expected change.

What we didn’t expect was heartache and loss, separation and anxiety, colic and more colic. When we lost Alicia to the darkness of suicide, the pain was sharp and startling. When the baby wouldn’t stop crying after hours of jostling, the panic was real.

Here’s to another year of life and loss. May the changes be inspired and directed by love.




  1. I’m also a new reader and have been playing catch up. I appreciated your top ten posts post ;)

    Love the video. You are so talented!

  2. wow- this is great! waylon’s laugh in the beginning is precious.
    and i just watched the google year in review and the background music is a mat kearney song- he’s my fav.

  3. i started crying 30 seconds in. i am so thankful for what this year has been to us. seeing your prego pics again had me bawling, how wonderful it was to go through this together. love and miss you (already).

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