Christmas In Pictures

Let’s be real, when people ask how your holiday was, they don’t really want to know.

Well, they do–but only sort of. Mostly they just want to hear if you ate as much as they did and if anyone’s tree caught on fire.

No one caught on fire at our house this year, but if you really want to know what we did–we went to my parents for a few days, ate more than I thought was humanly possible, opened presents, laughed at our own inappropriateness, and then spent Christmas day with Austin’s family where it was slightly more appropriate but with just as much food.

Proof of BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS is seen below.

We had a great time, but oh how happy he was to come home.

The End.






  1. Santa is too cute.

    My tree didn’t burn down, but I totally scorched supper and we had to order pizza. It was like a sitcom. Oh well, at least there was cake?

  2. 1. are you kidding me about how cute your kid is?
    2. your husbands doppleganger is RYAN GOSLING.
    3. love those striped socks!
    4. Will you family adopt me so I can come be inappropriate too?

    Merry Christmas!!

  3. Since you don’t care about my Christmas, I’m not going to tell you.

    Kidding. You’re right, no one really cares all that much.

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