Oh, Christmas

A few weeks ago I realized Christmas was coming, but chose to ignore it because we were moving and also because everyone keeps mentioning it is BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS and what we are doing for BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS, giving me BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS anxiety.

We have gotten into the Christmas spirit a bit these past few days, but mostly by accident.

First we went to a Christmas Potluck with all our local friends (it was fabulous). I made a rich, ridiculous, something-my-healthy-mother-in-law-would-never-in-a-million-years-make, pumpkin Oreo dessert. It was delicious.


We also took some Christmas pictures of the chap. He was not in a smiling mood.

(Christmas Card Fail)

Then yesterday Baby Daddy brought home a tree.

We decorated it despite baby’s best efforts to eat all the ornaments.

And now I sit on a foot long to-do list, half of which involves holiday chores, wondering if maybe I didn’t unpack the box labeled “Christmas Joy.”

What’s on your Christmas To Do list? Are you in feeling the magic? Are you decking the halls, lips stained with candy cane?

If you’re in denial, don’t feel bad. We have time.





  1. Take full advantage of the fact that baby W could care less about opening presents and do something for yourself. In fact, Baby’s First Christmas should be renamed to: “I survived my first ___ months as a mom, and since my kid doesn’t give a flyin’ flip about presents, I’m buying myself the new ______ (fill in blank with fancy electronic something) to celebrate.” As I always say, nothing says Welcome Baby Jesus like self-appreciation/self-gratification.

    Seriously, don’t sweat BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS. Totally overrated.

    1. Agreed. Though instead of buying myself the latest electronic gadget, I rewarded myself with using disposable diapers ALL DAY on Christmas day. Woohoo!

  2. Our house is decorated–and has been for way too long :P Hubby got into the Christmas spirit TWO WEEKS before Thanksgiving.

    I still have to buy a boat load of presents. Thankfully, hubby also takes over wrapping since I wrap like an 8 year old.

    The in-laws also had us go and take Thomas to get his picture taken with Santa. No tears this year but he wasn’t quite sure what to make of the hair on Santa’s face.

  3. The first picture is dynamite. Bam. Insta-Christmas card.

    And don’t worry about “Baby’s First Christmas”. He will not remember any of it. He will tear wrapping off gifts, or eat candy canes, or love Santa. This is your freebie year. Let him play with all the boxes.

  4. Every time I see that first picture I think he has a lollipop or something in his mouth. It takes me a few minutes to realize it’s his other hand. Every time! It’s super adorable though!

  5. Annnnnd the cutest baby award goes tooooo.. you obviously. The hat? I die. And your tree is lovely. Not sure we’re doing one this year since we may not be at our place for Christmas, but these photos make me want one.

  6. Absolutely adorable pictures!
    Would you load up the tree and bring it along Saturday, I don’t have one yet and won’t by Saturday. However the house is decorated! xxoo

  7. I’m trying to get in the spirit, but I still feel like Thanksgiving. I still want pie. We did get the advent calendar out, but then the kids knocked it behind heavy furniture in their enthusiasm. sighhhhh

  8. BABY’S FIRST CHRISTMAS? I don’t understand this concept. What are you supposed to do? It’s super fun to have a baby around on Christmas day but the best thing about Liza’s first Christmas was when I put a roll of toilet paper under the tree. She always wanted to play with them in the bathroom and I always hated it and dragged her away crying and squirming. So, on Christmas morning she got to tear into it and unroll the whole thing. It was really fun. :)

    Enjoy it while it lasts. This year is my “baby’s” third Christmas and she’s already in the “gimme, gimme” stage. Toilet paper won’t cut it anymore.

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