Waylon: Five Month Stats

Height: 26 inches

Weight: 15.5 pounds

Overheard From Mom: “Why is your face like that?”

Overheard From Dad: “You smell like a foot.”

In months previous I’ve done little write ups on Waylon’s stats as he’s grown and changed. You know, favorite activities and milestones and a reminder to everyone that he is not sleeping through the night. You’ve seen it.

This month, however, we’re doing Waylon Stats Lite because there haven’t been any earth shattering changes (ie: you probably don’t care that he only poops once a week).

I did make a little “Month In Review” video, however. Because I just can’t help myself.




  1. I loved the video! :) And he’s ahead in the sitting up department–my little guy is two weeks away from being 6 months and still falls forward a lot.

  2. This made me cry. It could be because i’m 8 weeks pregnant and everything makes me cry….or it could be because….it’s so damn cute! sooo sooo sooo cute!
    I loved the whole video, but especially the part when Waylon fell over. lol I stopped crying and laughed at that part!

  3. i posted a comment last night and i don’t know where it went…hmm, strange!
    anyway, it basically said that you look great in that picture.
    and waylon has a cute little butt

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