Plastic Eyesore, How I Love Thee

Before Waylon was born, Austin and I had a really good time being judgmental about toys. We swore to never allow anything too noisy, too flashy, and most importantly, too plasticy into our home. No way, no how. We were better than that.

And then we had a baby.

From the beginning, this kid has been picky. He wants his nook, but only in the car. He wants to sleep, but only on his belly. He wants to eat, but only when I’m completely silent and not having any fun whatsoever. He is the king and we are his ignorant slaves.

But toys! We have control of that, right?


Without knowing it, WT has weaseled one of the #1 toys off the bad list: The Exercsaucer.

After rejecting the bouncy seat, the swing, or just laying on his back/belly for more than ten minutes–we realized he wants to be put down, but only standing up.


So we asked around, and within days were given a gently used saucer for our very picky manchild.

This big and bulky eyesore now sits in the center of our living room and has become the center of our universe. Command central. A happy place. Our most treasured item.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

And now, a tribute. (Music by Bill Ricchini)


What are some of the toys on your bad list? Have any weaseled their way into your house? Please tell me I’m not the only one.




  1. Just loved this post. There’s nothing like parenthood to give your judgemental self a good, swift kick in the a*&. Oh the things I used to think I knew about children and parenting…as a single no kid woman, and as a married, no kid couple. Oh yes, I had the 411 on it all. :-)

  2. I hate all electronic, noise-making toys. We’ve gotten a few battery-powered hand me downs and baby girl just loves to dance to their annoying little tunes. It’s so endearing, I might actually replace the batteries when they die. !!!!

  3. LOL – I was the same way. I cursed the day MIL brought over a very large, very noisy exercsaucer/jumper (aka “the circus”). But now I yell at daddy every time he tries to put it away. I don’t care what it looks like anymore – whatever will allow me to set my baby down without protest.

  4. I didn’t want much with batteries. I still don’t have much but have a feeling that it will change when Christmas comes. :P

    And we have and exersaucer. But he doesn’t like to be in it longer than 20 minutes before he wants out. He’d rather be on the floor turning over and attempting to scoot on his belly. I am scared to see what will happen once he starts crawling…he’s only 5 months now but I’m sure it will be here soon enough.

  5. For us it was plastic as well. The exersaucer was really hard for me to accept at first. I loved it and hated it. One of the highlights of parenthood so far for me was when our son lost interest in the exersaucer and we moved it out of the living room. After months of being so used to it, our room instantly seemed very spacious and beautiful when it was gone.

  6. I swore no plastic chip bags as toys. And I have stood by that decision 100%.

    But for real, this isn’t a toy thing but I swore I would never dress my boys alike. I just thought it was too precious to handle. My mil always buys matching outfits but I just had them wear them on separate days so it was no problem.

    But then, just in the past few months, by boys have decided it’s cool to dress alike. So when Henry sees me put the red shirt on Jonah, he demands his. So, fail.

  7. He looks like such a big boy in the video!
    As far as toys go…I just said I didn’t want them all over the house, I wanted them to be contained somewhere. That rarely ever happens.

  8. How else do you shower if you don’t have an exersaucer? I am on to number two and three large pieces of plastic coming in December for my son’s first birthday and Christmas. The Fisher Price Learning Home and Leapfrog Learn and Groove Musical Table. And I too was once a naysayer of large plastic pieces of crap. Where am I going to put these things?

  9. I’m so glad we’re past the exersaucer stage! We had the bouncy seat and the jumperoo thing too. Made my eyes hurt to see my living room, but the babies were much happier.
    The plastic level has gone down a little around here, but we’re staring down glitter and earrings and licensed characters.
    Blocks. My kids have lots of blocks.

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