ten in ten

one photo. every hour. ten hours.

{inspired by marla}

1. Breakfast.
2. Bubbles.
3. Breastfeed reads.
4. No Nap.
5. Lunch.
6. Walk.
7. Work.
8. Wash.
9. Wilt.
10. Teeth.


      1. S: I eat the same thing every day for lunch. How boring! Corn tortilla with beans, rice, and cheese.

        We had some leftover sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes from taco night with friends, so it looked (and tasted) extra fancy today.

        Z: You know I hate ketchup.

  1. I thought your lunch was crepes w/ blueberries and raspberry sauce. I can see that it’s a tortilla now. And all I offered you was a turkey sandwich…

    Love the pic of Waylon peering over your shoulder!

    1. Bec, didn’t you know I’m also obsessed with the turkey sandwich? Ask anyone who has ever gone out for lunch with me. I order it every time (also boring?).

      It was delicious. Beans and rice is just cheaper.

  2. Such a neat idea! And your photography is a thousand times better than mine.

    I also eat the same thing every day for lunch. Turkey sandwich or PB&J. I know, I’m five :P

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