Waylon: Four Month Stats

Height: 25 inches (+1 inch from last month)

Weight: 15 pounds (+0 lb from last month)

Favorite People: Baby Daddy is king, mama comes second, and then there’s anyone else who likes to cuddle.

Favorite Places: In the fresh air.

Favorite Things: Saucer, llama, baby daddy’s hair, and his own smelly hand.

Favorite Activity: The Finding Of The Hand.

Milestones: All of a sudden he loves the car-seat. It is a Christmas miracle. He also learned to stick out his tongue and make this weird bubbly sound with his mouth, kind of like a tiny motorboat. You’d think he discovered a cure for cancer the way we’ve reacted.

Overheard From Mom: “You’re a weird dude.”

Overheard From Dad: “Hello my little manchild.”

Sleep: Three naps a day and no, he’s not sleeping through the night.

Schedule: I try and I fail. He is the king.

Happiest: He really enjoys reading, writing, and advanced mathematics.

Your baby doesn’t?

Saddest: Whenever it’s inconvenient for me.

In Summation: Four months later and it’s still weird to have a baby. Even though you have 9 months to prepare for it, it’s so fast. Boom. Baby. Rest of your life. He’s funny though. Lately he’s taken to grabbing anything in front of him and squeezing it to his chest while making a strange gurgling noise. It is darling.

Also darling is that he’s becoming a little more independent and can sit and play for a bit while I do important things like laundry and dishes (let’s be real–I’m probably on Pinterest).

I leave you with a picture of our family that came out looking a lot like the Adams Family. Perfect for Halloween? Yikes.




  1. love the creepy photo at the end. are you all doing anything for Halloween? Albert is going as Batman, Shinay as movie star, Marc as a skeleton, Robbin, and tiger (not all at the same time – we love dress up clothes, what can i say), Altesse is going as a black, bald Brad Pitt (to accompany Shinay), and I actually have this velvety blue bat girl costume that is scary for me to even put on.

  2. He is beyond cute! I love your blog! I’m also loving the metal (looks like metal at least) tree in the picture of W on Baby Daddy’s shoulders! I want it for my house!

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