17 Weeks

I’m thinking it might be time to wrap up this whole weekly glamour shots business. I mean, am I really going to do this every week? Pick out an outfit, fill him with breastmilk, and wait for him to stop giving me the stink eye?

It’s exhausting.

I also feel like he might start resisting when he begins crawling or goes off to college. I should quit now before he rejects me and the camera and checks into therapy.

Anyway, here you go.

Happy 17 Weeks Baby Boy.




  1. Oh my goodness. You are hilarious! A weeks worth of backed up poo? Fat bald guy dream? This stuff is priceless.

    p.s. I gave up on my weekly photos out of sheer exhaustion. And I have an ancient blackberry, the equivalent of carrying a dell around in my pocket!

  2. We had a moment like the back seat poo problem on our sunday drive. Such a mess. Cute blog, I came over from tales of me and the husband.


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