16 Weeks

16 weeks later and we have a little meatball on our hands. A smelly, squirmy, drool covered meatball whose clammy hands smell like spoiled milk and whose smile could melt the heart of a viking.

This week I am grateful for…

Cloth Diapers that keep butts dry all night long.

Pumpkin Pies from my sister-in-law who is growing a human in her belly and still has the energy to bake for lazy loafs like me.

Book Club Women who hand me glasses of wine and allow for adult conversation.


Visitors who show up and fold your wash. Yeah, my sister came for the weekend and it was awesome. She spent some quality time with WT and gave us an excuse to watch movies and eat pizza. Saturday was especially thrilling because we spent a perfect fall day in Lancaster City.  We walked around downtown, sipped warm drinks in cafes, discovered an incredible new shop (more details on that later this week), and took Waylon to his first protest (by accident). Mom drove in to join us for the day which was a huge bonus as she treated us to pedicures (heaven) and lunch.

Summer is my season, but I have to hand it to fall this year–it’s pretty great. 




  1. I discovered your blog through a friend a few months ago and I just wanted to let you know that I love it and check every day! Great photos :) Fall is here!

    1. Actually–a train did come while we were on this hike and scared the shiz right out of us. We didn’t have time to get off the bridge so we had to hunker down by the rickety railing and hope it wasn’t going to get gory. Parent fail.

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