14 Weeks

14 weeks, a zillion blue outfits, and one tired mama later, and I’m beginning to wonder if I need to get him a onesie that says I’M A BOY.

I mean, seriously? He’s wearing corduroys.

To protect my poor boy’s fragile sense of self-worth from any more gender confusion, I’ve considered the following:

+Airbrush on pecs

+Wear jock strap over diaper

+Buy him a box of cigars

+Decorate stroller with car manuals and Old Spice

+Wrap him in WWF blanket

To be perfectly honest, I’m not actually upset. I realize babies’ faces are fairly gender neutral. In fact, it’s kind of a compliment. Who doesn’t want a pretty baby?

As always, here are WT’s weekly pictures. Feel free to smile and coo and say what a cute little girl he is.






  1. i’d like to say that stops after they hit about 6 months, but it doesn’t. Luc was confused for a girl at age 1.5. :) and marc’s eyelashes pretty much did him in.

  2. buy him a box of cigars- ha!
    he’s so handsome, I love his rolly arms.
    Strangers thought Sam was a girl until he was 8 months old!

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