Parenting advice is a tricky thing. So often it can be given or received in a negative, know-it-all way. But when it’s not–it can be so helpful, even powerful. Last weekend I was complaining about my crying baby to a group of women when a fellow mama said quietly (and graciously), “He wants to be with you, there’s nothing wrong with that.”

I’ve thought about those words a lot this week. Sometimes I just need to slow down, pick him up, and appreciate these slobbery cuddles because they won’t last long.

In other news, the little guy slept through the night last night. 11:15pm-7:15am on the dot. 8 whole hours of glorious sleep. I am ready to take on the world (or at least the wash).

And if that’s not enough good news, yesterday I breastfed in the mall, standing up, while walking. I felt like supermom.

As promised, here are some photo fails to end the week. More often than not, this is how our pictures turn out.

Happy Friday.




  1. shooooooooooooot…i hope my comments didn’t come across as know it all. because i so don’t. guess i was just speaking from my experience and what seemed to work. i WISH i knew it all. for example, i would really REALLY like to know what to do when your kid throws himself on the floor and screams and kicks and flails. I tend to just stare for a second and walk away, while the screaming continues on. I’m sure that does not qualify as good parenting. Anyhoo, I’m sorry if my comments were at all know-it-all-ie-like. maybe you should ask parents about their “criminal” moments. Would probably be funny and comforting at the same time. :) Hugs.

  2. …sorry for another comment, but after looking at the block picture, I’m really glad that your last name doesn’t end with the letter “F”. And also, I really wish I had your photo/blog skills. my poor children don’t even have a baby book.

  3. HAHA!! omgah, I am dying. I initially thought the same thing about your last name beginning with an “F..” I mean, the picture is already awesome- that just would have added hilarity for sure. The outtakes are the best. I commend you for capturing mid-spit up! And the polar bear? I may just have nightmares tonight…

    1. yah, where the HECK did your mom get those huge beasts? Did she just have them on hand?! Did she rent them just for the photo shoot?

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