Waylon: Third Month Stats

Height: 24 inches

Weight:  15 pounds

Favorite People: Baby Daddy still ranks #1, but after that–anyone who coddles him is in the circle of trust (especially these suckers).

Favorite Places: Outside.

Favorite Things: Ceiling fans, his own smelly hand, the mobile, and this doorway jumper thing we found in the attic.

Milestones/Brags: HE ROLLED OVER (unprovoked) from his back to his belly. I thought this was supposed to happen much later, not when he was less than three months old. If he keeps progressing this quickly, I might need to get a cage.

Overheard From Mom: “Hey Baby Stalin.”

Overheard From Dad: “I love his stink.”

Sleep: He still wakes up starved at least once every night. We go back to sleep for a morning nap together around 8.

Schedule: What schedule? He continues to eat and sleep on demand like he’s the prince of Persia, but he does take a significantly long nap in the afternoon now. A round of applause for some much needed baby-free time.

Happiest: When given attention.

Saddest: Strapped into a car-seat with an empty belly or left for dead on the living room floor.


I can’t believe this guy has already graduated to the 3-6 month category. Instead of mourning his newborn clothes however, I am trying to appreciate the improvements in both of us. For example, I have learned when to let him cry it out and when he needs to be comforted. He has learned that if I’m not holding him, he probably won’t be eaten by wolves. We are also having more success when it comes to the car-seat and colic. The three month hump was not a lie after all.

So far my favorite thing about this stage is his love for music. Anytime we sing to him, he smiles and laughs like it’s his own personal comedy hour. Have you ever heard a baby belly laugh? It’s so beautiful you almost have to look away. I’d show you some footage, but every time he does it–I’m too busy staring like a love-struck idiot.

3-6 Months? Bring it on.




  1. Awesome! So glad things are improving for you! That love for music will serve you well in months to come. I’ve been singing to baby girl since she was itty, and to this day, that is sometimes the only thing that will comfort her. Happy 3 months!

  2. I loved Waylon’s three month video. My favorite part was when he was talking to Austin. He looks like he’s ready to take on the world! Have fun Kate!

  3. Kate – I love reading your blog – it always makes me laugh! When I have a baby will you follow me around everywhere and be my full time videographer – so I can have videos like this!

  4. He’s a big boy! And so darn cute. I love the picture of him laying on his tummy on the mat.

    And I agree with you about the 3 month milestone. Certain things get so much easier once they hit that mark.

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