Waylon: Second Month Stats

Height: 22 inches

Weight: 12 pounds

Favorite People: He favors Austin which is unfair. I’m the one with the boobs.

Favorite Places: Hold him and he’s golden.

Favorite Things: Anything he can suck on.

Milestones/Brags: He smiles, giggles, and coos. He’s just the smartest, cutest baby in town. He also has the neck strength of a gladiator.

Overheard From Mom: “Don’t wake it.”

Overheard From Dad: “You smell like old baby.”

Sleep: He slept six and a half hours last night. I thought he was dead.

Schedule: He eats and sleeps on demand like he’s the prince of Persia.

Happiest: Right after a nap or meal or while passing gas (me too).

Saddest: If I give him a bath (apparently I don’t do it right).

Two Months With Waylon

Sometimes I think his colic is getting better…but then NOPE.

His smiles and coos just break my heart, helping to even out all the crying. Yesterday he screamed for so long at Khols that I broke out into a very substantial sweat. But then we got home and he smiled at me like it was no big deal and all was forgiven.

We are loving this new interactive phase of babyhood and, despite the challenges of medical school and moving to a new town, we are doing well.

One day at a time.




  1. Oh the video just makes me melt.
    Glad to hear that his colic is getting better! And he slept for 6 1/2 hours?? Did you sleep for that long? Or did you wake up to check on him?
    Also- love his “bear hug” shirt.

  2. Hey!!! I watched the videos! I didn’t have a choice! Your dad was making me watch it at work! JK! Actually, I watched it and cooed and awed and not just b/c I want your dad to give me a raise! He’s way too cute!! (waylon, I mean! Not your dad!)

  3. Adorable! He is getting so big and sweet. Your Kohl’s story reminded me of a time Liam screamed the entire time we were in the grocery store and when we got to our car a man came up to me (not creepily!) and said, “Let me take your cart back for you because it looks like your baby really needs you.” It was about the nicest thing anyone had done for me in a long time! By the time we got home Liam was smiling again like nothing was wrong. I remember thinking, if everyone in the grocery store could see you now they would not think I am such a terrible mother! Keep going — each new day will come and it does get easier and more fun!

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