Waylon: One Month Stats

Height: Long (He won’t lay still for me to measure).

Weight: 10 poundsish.

Favorite People: Mom, Dad, Grammy Baker, and Grandma Baer.

Favorite Places: Mom or Dad’s chest, especially if it stinks like spit up.

Favorite Things: Boobs and nook (in that order).

Milestones/Brags: He smiles! He also giggles in his sleep which is my favorite.

Overheard From Mom: “There’s spit-up in my hair.”

Overheard From Dad: “His ears are so big.”

Sleep: Wakes an average of two times a night to eat. Cat naps during the day.

Schedule: Zilch. I can’t be motivated enough to be one of those kinds of mamas.

Happiest: Boob in mouth, nook in mouth, drooling on Mom’s arm, bath-time, being naked after bath-time, listening to Mom’s ridiculous songs.

Saddest: In the car-seat, in the car-seat on top of the stroller, in the swing, laying on his back for more than 5 minutes, having the hiccups, having the hiccups again 10 minutes later, being “abandoned” for any amount of time in the evening (even if his mom has to pee really, really badly).

Summary: This kid has grown and changed so much in the first month. He’s gone from a little tiny blob to a screaming, crying, but sometimes so happy and pleasant little person. He melts our hearts on a regular basis and only occasionally makes us feel really terrible. Even when he is making us feel terrible, kicking me in the flabby stomach (that he created) and hollering like a lunatic, I love him and his fuzzy head and can’t imagine life without him.




  1. love his smile and the picture of him yawning.
    that’s great he’s only waking up twice to eat! go waylon. do you feel like you’ve adjusted to less sleep?

  2. Avery turns one month today. The similarities are uncanny. This is so interesting to me. (Wouldn’t have said that one month ago. Motherhood is weird like that.)

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