Due Date

Whenever I’m about to see the midwives, I allow myself to believe in the unrealistic fantasy that they will decide I have had quite enough of this and say “let us take it out for you.” Of course they never do. In fact, they say very little at all. This is what most conversations look like:

Me: I’m really uncomfortable.

Midwife: The end is uncomfortable, yes.

Me: My back hurts.

Midwife: Yes.

Me: My pelvis hurts.

Midwife: Yes.


Midwife: Anything else?

Me: Did I mention my pelvis?

Midwife: See you next time!

This week was a little different as I demanded they do an internal exam and tell me exactly what is going on in there. Of course I didn’t actually demand, I asked very politely and they happily obliged. They even decided to strip my membranes while they were in the area. It was not pleasant.

As of Tuesday, I am 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. I’m not exactly sure what this means. All I know is that I could easily be pregnant next week and into next Christmas.

Tomorrow will be 40 weeks. If I’m still pregnant by 6pm, we’ll be off to feast on the spiciest Indian food that I can possibly digest. Maybe we can smoke him out and he’ll be in that small percentage of people who are actually born on their due date. Here’s to hoping.




  1. You are on your way now.. stripped membranes, 50 effaced, 2cm!!!! Awesome!!!!!! The pain is right around the corner… lol just kidding.. I dont think you will be pregnant next week at this time if that makes you feel any better! love you! xxoo

  2. Reading this all of the sudden got me very nervous for you. I wish I could help you push him out. Not really. But if there is anything I CAN do, let me know :)

  3. I got a good laugh at your blog, mostly because I was just where you are 7 weeks ago. I was 3 cm and 80% and had my membranes stripped on a Monday… and delivered Saturday morning. It could be in a few days, or could be within a week. I bet you will start feeling more and more as days go by. I understand how you pretty much feel ignored, but baby baer is waiting for his special day! Keep yourself busy, go get a pedi and your hair done! Good luck, thinking of you!

  4. so, i’m very unsettled by the fact that i’m just about 33 weeks pregnant and have absolutely NO IDEA what you mean by “they decided to strip my membrane.”
    BB will be here so soon!! Bring on the spicy food because I am anxious for you, I want him out!

  5. I had my membranes stripped with P. and he arrived 23 hours later. I was overdue. It’s a wonderful time, this is. You will soon be holding the little guy and marveling that something so precious is yours and here to stay. Blessings.

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