39 Weeks

273 days of being pregnant and I’m thinking it’s about quitting time. The first trimester wasn’t too bad, the second one was a breeze, but the end of this third trimester is a literal pain in the butt. Naive pre-pregnant Kate was always wondering what the big deal was about being pregnant. It looked so easy, so cute, so enjoyable! What’s the fuss??

Please allow me to whine for two seconds: I can’t sleep. My feet hurt. My back aches. Sometimes a little pee comes out. I’m probably sweating. It takes much too long to put on my pants. And everything from my bellybutton to my thighs ache and cramp and get angry at the slightest disturbance.

The End.




In other news, I’m so glad it’s the weekend. We’re headed home to Perkiomenville for a few days to spend time with my sister and parents, attend a baby shower for our dear friends Kyle and Suzie, and celebrate the graduation of my cousin Ryan. It’s also Father’s Day weekend, so we’ll be celebrating our dads and giving them both some love on Sunday.

If Baby Baer decides to join us, the more the merrier. I have faith that we’ll be able to make it back to Lancaster in time, and even if we don’t-Baby Daddy is apparently very ready for a roadside delivery (God help us if that happens because I’ll be an absolute wreck).

Have a wonderful weekend.



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