Three Blankets for Baby Baer

Today as I was once again organizing my small space for Baby Baer, I picked up these three blankets that were made just for him and swooned at their loveliness.

Here is a quick glimpse. Sorry for the wrinkles.

By Zoe.

By Ma.

By Jenny.

As I mentioned before, I am not crafty. I do not sew. I do, however, very much love these unique and handmade items and wanted to share them with you so we could all appreciate them (and their makers) together.

I can’t believe how close I’m getting to the end and how soon BB will be snuggling atop these blankets and taking his (8-10 hour long) rests (please).

Speaking of unrealistic expectations, last night Kenton was reading out of my What-To-Expect book and mentioned multiple times how depressing it was, specifically referring to post birth recovery. At least now we’re all aware.

It’s a gorgeous and terribly hot day today in Lancaster City, which means I should definitely go for a walk to encourage a certain baby’s exit. Now that he’s dropped down into my pelvis, I walk waddle even slower. But if it helps move things along–totally worth it.

Stay cool friends.



  1. soon enough you’ll be snuggling baby baer in those blankets!
    hope the heat isn’t bothering you too much.

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