37 Weeks

37 weeks later and we’ve got a full term baby on our hands (or rather, in my uterus). Even though our official due date is three weeks away, my due month starts today, allowing baby to make an exit anytime without cause for panic. Clocking in between 6.5 and 7 lbs, baby is big enough to function outside the womb, his lungs mature and ready to take those first deep breaths. This is great news!

Patience is a virtue these next few weeks as I will try to remind myself to enjoy our last moments alone and appreciate carrying this kid around hands-free. I told my midwife yesterday that I’d stocked up on pineapple in hopes of moving things along and she just smirked and said, “Oh–is that the trick?”

Obviously the baby will come when he’s good and ready. If he’s anything like me, he’ll try to stay in there forever because change is scary and who doesn’t love a quiet, dark space to sleep in?

In other news, we’re still celebrating in this house as we shift our focus to moving to Hershey this summer. Tonight we’re meeting up with both sets of families for a sushi fest at Blue Pacific Sushi & Grill, one of our favorite eating spots, to congratulate Austin on getting into his dream school.

Baby is kicking as I write this. Maybe he’s excited for sushi too? Yesterday I was asked if we wanted another ultrasound to see this little bugger, but I declined. It’s not medically necessary (so we’d pay for it) but it would have been exciting to see what he looks like in there. He feels enormous! We’ll just have to wait and be surprised.


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