35 Weeks

My original post included one photo, belly covered and the stretch marks still kept secret from the world. Then I thought maybe I could be brave and admit that life (and stretch marks) happen and that those creepy crawlers have indeed taken me by surprise and appeared in these last few weeks. At first I was horrified, but I’ve come to terms with them and their not so gentle reminder that there is something invading, stretching, and changing my body.

35 weeks down, hopefully only a few more to go. I am getting anxious for this baby to come, but mostly I’m just ready to be able to turn over in bed without making it a big production. I will miss parts of being pregnant, though I’m sure I won’t be saying that come June 25th when I’m still carrying around this gut and it’s 95 degrees and humid.

During my weekly visit with the midwives yesterday, I was told not to get my hopes up about an early delivery. Most first time moms carry late. I knew this, but it was still hoping she’d say I could have the baby tomorrow.

Yet another part of being a parent I need to get used to, patience.




  1. Are you kidding me? Those stretch marks aren’t even bad. I had them ALL over my stomach–deep, dark purple. But they went away, so no worries :) You look great!

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