34 Weeks

34 weeks down, 6ish to go. Baby is growing every day and so am I. He finally swam around to the right position a few days ago. I hope he stays put.

No other developments to report except that (and I don’t know how to put this delicately) my mucus plug fell out. If you’re grossed out, you may want to skip this entire paragraph. I was sitting on the pot when it very unexpectedly happened. My first reaction was–what in the heck is this?!  When I realized what it was, I quickly texted a friend to see what I should do. She immediately responded in all caps “ARE YOU IN LABOR?” which led me to believe that this might be a big deal. Upon further research I discovered that as long as there are no other signs of labor, I’ll be just fine. Many times the mucus plug (or parts of it) falls out weeks before delivery. It’s just the body preparing for birth.

This was reassuring because baby is still on the undercooked side and also because I’m headed south for a Baer family reunion this weekend. Baby Daddy won’t be along for this trip due to a track meet, but I’m (trying to be) confident that we could make it to each other if need be. I mentioned my slight hesitation to his family and was met with much confidence that if the bugger does decide to sprout–they’ll know what to do. My father-in-law asked if he should bring his clamps and scissors (he delivered his kids at home), but I declined. I’ll hitchhike back to Pennsylvania if I need to.

In other news, I visited all my baby shower gifts this week at my parents’ house. It was like Christmas. I brought a few things home and just looked at all the rest. Can you tell from this picture that someone is ready for a grandbaby?

Anyways, tomorrow I’m off to Virginia, catching a ride with my sister-in-law and hoping that Baby Baer doesn’t fall out over the next few days. God help Austin if he does, because if he misses more than two minutes of pushing, I’m going to be one unhappy woman.



    1. I’m so glad Baby Baer moved himself around into the right position.
      Have fun this weekend, but not TOO much fun!

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