32 Weeks

Today marks 32 weeks of pregnant bliss, with the baby weighing almost four pounds and possibly up to 19 inches long. Weight gain for me is currently estimated around a pound a week, with roughly half of that going right to el bambino. He’ll gain a third to half of his birth weight during the next 7 weeks. Eat up, little guy!

As I mentioned on Monday, this week I decided to do some spring cleaning and preparation for the baby despite moving days after he’s born. On Tuesday, my super handy brother-in-law, Kenton, hauled over the dry sink he made for us this past winter with the added bonus of bringing over our air conditioner which was also in storage. In exchange for all his heavy lifting, I fed him a nice big meal of food he loves including this broccoli salad.

brocc salad

I’m very happy to finally have a piece of baby gear in this place. I keep looking at it, touching it, smelling it, and thinking of things to put inside of it. I know it’s nuts, but it’s all I got. This little Baer nest is definitely going to keep me sane over the next few weeks as I gaze longingly at my peer’s entire rooms dedicated to their babes. At least mine finally has somewhere to sleep!

Tuesday was a busy day as it was also when my ex co-workers threw a very lovely baby shower for Austin and I in the afternoon. We received a host of snazzy gifts, including so many cute baby clothes. I set them up in the Baer nest temporarily so you could take a look:


It was so wonderful to reconnect with my co-workers. I’m thankful for each of them and their love for the little man. I was also very glad for a pick-me-up this week. Lately I’ve felt like I’m hitting a brick wall in the pregnancy. Every motion seems like a chore, especially getting in and out of the car or taking off my pants. When did my pelvis decide to give up? I’ve also had a lot of trouble with allergies. My whole face is just one congested, itchy mess.

Sometimes I feel guilty complaining. I know it’s all for a good cause and really, I’m fine. I just need to remind myself that most of my pregnancy gripes will be over shortly. Austin is getting anxious for the baby’s arrival as well (and not only because of my moaning and groaning). We just can’t wait to hold him and finally see his face. In fact, it would be very convenient if he came a few weeks early so we had more than a couple days to pack up and move post birth. Recently we decided that as soon as it becomes my “due month” in early June and he’s no longer considered pre-term, we’ll do what we can to move things along. Bring on the spicy Indian food and long (vigorous) walks around the city.

You’re okay for now Baby Baer, keep on keeping on. But we need you o-u-t in a month or we’ll start charging rent.



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