Meet Uncle Kenton

All my life I wanted a brother. In fact, my sister and I created a pretend older brother (Matthew Chad) who was always away at law school to periodically slip into conversation with friends who didn’t know our family well. Matt was very smart and fun and protective in the way all made up brothers are.

When I married Austin I was rewarded with not one but three brothers who are all very funny and make me glad I’m having a son. If you’ve ever met Kenton, you know of his infectious laughter and knack for making a dreary day better. He is also very handy. Currently he is renovating what was a very old broken house into quite a beauty. He also made us a beautiful dry sink for his coming nephew.

I have to admit, I was shocked when Kenton agreed to answer these questions. Like his brother, he’s not a big fan of writing much of anything. When I opened the email I was a bit teary, first because of how much we’ll miss him while we’re away, and then second because I was laughing over baby Roy. I can only hope Baby Baer is half as light-hearted and positive as his uncle (because Austin and I can be kind of a drag).

To continue my  brief 10 Question Interviews with all stars like  Baby Daddy, Auntie Zoe, Grandma and Grandpa Baker,  Aunt Kelly, and Great-Grandma Baker, here are  Uncle Kenton’s answers to questions about being an uncle and future Baby Baer.

Dear Uncle Kenton,

1. What was your first reaction when you heard about Baby Baer? I think we were all in the grocery store.

Very surprised and rather shocked.

2. Do you think we are even moderately prepared to be parents? You are aware of my sleeping habits and Austin’s…quirks.

Yes, but I find it rather crazy to think that somebody will be calling my brother dad. (I surely hope this baby doesn’t want to eat throughout the night as often as you get up to pee)

3. You’ve already got a niece and nephew. What’s the best part about being an uncle?

Walking in the door and having that little person that can’t even talk so happy to see me. Feeding them cake. Or when they get so tired and just want to sit on your lap. And the fact that I can leave whenever I want and not have to worry about changing those diapers.

4. Any special thoughts about having another boy in the family?

I hope this one likes to hunt since we clearly lack that interest in this here family.

5. Maybe you could explain why you are always punching my stomach.

Punching is definitely the wrong word. More like a gentle tap. Someday I’m going feel this little guy move.

6. Any predictions about the arrival of Baby Baer?

July 2 weighing in at 8 pounds 15 ounces. Bald and happy. I can’t wait to see him!!

7. Have you had any other “good” ideas besides giving birth in olive oil so it slips out?

Nope I still think that’s a great idea. You could be the first person to see how wonderful it could feel.

8. What do you think he’ll be like when he’s older?

Tall, 6′ 5”ish, tennis is his sport and the string bass will be the instrument of choice.

9. Are you getting a puppy soon for baby (and me) to come play with?


10. What is your greatest wish for Baby Baer?

My greatest wish for, let’s call him Roy for now, is that he will enjoy the simple things in life and love to laugh.



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