Great-Grandma Baker

I have the world’s best Grandma. Not only is she the warm, affectionate, best-Christmas-present type, she’s also the intelligent, understanding, and open-minded kind of woman that I aspire to be. I am blessed to have her in my life and I’m so glad she will be a part of Baby Baer’s.

To continue my  brief 10 Question Interviews with favorites like  Baby Daddy, Auntie Zoe, Grandma and Grandpa Baker, and  Aunt Kelly,, here are Great-Grandma Baker’s answers about motherhood and our upcoming offspring.

1) You had a boy first (Dad!). How was that?

The best, but we would have been happy either way.


2) What’s the best part about having kids?

Being a family.  Watching them grow into their own uniqueness.

3) What is the most challenging?

Teenage years!!

4) Are you excited about being a great-grandma?

Psyched!!!   Being a grandma is one of my favorite things.

5) Any special thoughts about having a great-grandson in particular?

Rocks, toads, dirt, muddy shoes, and great big grins!!! Looking for little boy things.

6) What are you most looking forward to?

Seeing his little face for the first time!! Living long enough to be a part of his life.

7) Any predictions about the arrival of Baby Baer?

Well, let’s see. June 22, 7lbs 10oz. and then there will be three.  So exciting!!

8) Is labor really that awful and terrible?

Yes and No!!!

9) Any helpful suggestions for new parents?

Listen to him. Encourage him. Have just little man time. Teach him in the ways of the Lord

10) What is your greatest wish for Baby Baer?

That he will be a loving, caring, compassionate, God fearing young man.



  1. so this made me cry. also, i cried in the waiting room of the dentist yesterday as i watched the cutest old couple help each other put on their jackets. pregnancy is certainly a wild ride.

    1. very cute post! i found your blog, i like it!

      and suz – let’s be real pregnancy did not make you all of a sudden cry at things like old couples… :)

  2. katy! when are you going to do your great-grandmother! I can’t beleive you’re baby is going to have a great-great granmother!

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