(Brief) Fatherly Input

I thought it would be nice to have Austin write a post one of these days because after all, Baby Baer is half his. This blog, printed out, will also serve as a sort of “journal” for junior to read (and be horrified at) in the future, and I know he’ll appreciate some fatherly input amongst his mother’s mindless rambling.

Anyways, I realized this probably wouldn’t happen after two seconds of remembering who I married and how writing a simple email to someone is a major burden for Mr. Baer. I did, however, convince him to answer a few questions in order to document his input on this first new and exciting pregnancy of ours. Poor Baby Baer #2 will probably never have this much attention.

I sent him an email with ten questions and three days later, this is what I received.


Dear Dad-To-Be,

1.  So far, what is the best thing about this pregnancy?

It’s exciting not knowing what I’m getting in for.

2. What is the worst?

Having to answer these questions.

3. Are you having any weird pregnancy cravings?

Just the usual; honey-baked chicken, peanut-butter and jelly, and guns.

4. How do you feel about having a son?

Like I just won the lottery. Except it isn’t a very well set up lottery and you have a 50% chance of winning. Kate lost.

5. What freaks you out the most about being a Dad?

I have no idea how to be a dad. I guess I’ll know once I get there. I’m scared I won’t be very patient. I hate when other people’s children scream. Maybe it will be different when it’s mine.

6. What are you looking forward to?

Falling asleep with my baby boy sleeping on my chest.

Then later I look forward to getting him his first pellet gun.

7.  Any predictions about the arrival of Baby Baer?

June 16, 2011

8 lbs. 2 oz.

Bald as a honeydew.

8. How are you planning on coping with your wife’s terrible, gross labor?

I’m trying not to think about it. I don’t mind the blood but I do mind seeing people I know/love in pain.

9. Are you cool with handling all vomit related issues?

Yes, I am cool with any body related issues.

10. What is your greatest wish for your offspring?

That he will grow up to be a better version of me.


Despite mentioning giving our son firearms (in dispute), I am pleased with these answers and know Austin will make a terrific dad. I know free time will be limited in medical school and residency, but I am confident we will persevere. Thank you, Baby Daddy, for your fatherly input. I know it was a challenge.

Onward to Spring!



  1. Baby Daddy, your niece and nephew wish to apologize for introducing you to the terrible torture of screaming. May your offspring be better than them.

  2. i LOOOVE this!!! Great job Papa Baer. :)

    (Also– food advertisements at the end? I am now craving those green olive spiral things…and am sad because i know i will never get them)

  3. ok, well now i don’t see it either. there is a chance it could just be that i’m hungry and maybe going crazy, but i think it really was there!

    1. I believe you.

      Also, I feel like I just hit the stage of pregnancy where I am always hungry. This worries me. Must stock up on fruit and veggies (and not what I really want).

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