Trimester Two

As the end of Trimester Two quickly approaches, I am reflecting on how quickly this whole process is moving. There are days when I think–June is so far away!–but for the most part, the weeks fly by and my middle seems to rapidly expand overnight. For many new mothers, this is a time of great connectivity to what it means to be a woman. While I do feel that internal sense of motherly purpose, I also feel fairly lost. My 20s are, in a sense, over. I will never be the same after I have a child. My routine, relationships, everything–will change. I’m okay with that, but it is somewhat daunting.

In other news, Baby Baer already has a better wardrobe than me. Earlier this week I visited our local Goodwill and found some very cute outfits from places like Baby Gap and Ralph Lauren. I was amazed at how many hideous baby clothes exist. Oh my. Luckily I had time and was able to pick through the muck and find some attractive attire for the little guy.

Goodwill Gems

I also tried this again. Here is a look at yet another failed attempt at taking a normal looking pregnancy photo. I took 52 pictures and deleted 51. This is the one I kept. Not sure why my face insists on looking like that. Also, I can’t imagine my stomach being any bigger than it is now.

Have a wonderful weekend, and Happy 51st Birthday to a wonderful dad. You’re going to make the best Grandpa!



  1. You’re picture is stunning, really. You look beautiful. I love the thicker striped sailor-esq onesie, so cute! (also, i really like your shower curtain)

  2. Yeah, Zoe’s right. And you will wonder if you’ll EVER be able to bend over again. But it’s all worth it when you hold that tiny little guy in your arms for the first time. The discomfort of the previous nine/ten months is quickly a thing of the past.

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