Happy, Healthy, Hallelujah

Last night we arrived for the “big” ultrasound anxious but excited. All day I’d been a nervous wreck, battling mild nausea and sweaty armpits as I tried to prepare for every scenario. My relief was unending when both the ultrasound technician and midwife said Baby Baer is in mint condition.

We found out the sex soon after the procedure began. My reaction was immediate laughter–I was so relieved to know after all that waiting. It is surprising how quickly my feelings for this baby changed as soon as I knew who was in there. I couldn’t fall asleep last night until the wee hours of the morning thinking about it!

Thank you all for continuing to care. See you in a few months, Baby Baer.



    1. A little miracle is forming. God Bless Baby Baer!!! If you think you are falling in love now just wait till he/she is born. We love you. xoxo

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