Halfway There

This past week I hit my midway mark, successfully growing this seed for 20 weeks. I suppose I shouldn’t say seed; according to the internet, it’s about the size of a cantaloupe. This seems impossible and quite honestly frightening when I consider how much bigger it will get before the grand exit.

Anyways, in the spirit of documenting every-single-thing, I decided to take pictures of myself and said cantaloupe. I also thought it may be helpful later when trying to prove to my offspring that they are not adopted and have to do whatever I say.

I waited until Austin went to play basketball, thinking it might be less awkward without him there to mock my efforts at looking like a glowing expectant mother. As it turns out, it is really hard to not look awkward in a pregnancy photo. Out of the 50 or so pictures I took, not 1 turned out even mildly normal looking. Austin and I had a good laugh about it, reminiscing about other (much more) awkward pregnancy photos plastered across the internet (it’s a must see: Awkward Pregnancy Photos ).

I will not show you the worst, but here is a sample of one of my many pregnancy photo fails.

In other news, I uploaded Baby Baer’s pre/post natal mix on 8tracks. You can find it here. Happy Monday and Happy 50th Birthday Mom!



  1. HILARIOUS! This website has entertained me now for several days!
    I’m sure it was an inspiration to you and many others. :)

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