Everything and the Kitchen Sink

I may be getting ahead of myself here, but today I was reading about what to bring to the hospital/birthing center and I began to wonder if I should invest in another set of luggage.

Here is the list I started based on the interweb and its plethora of “what-to-bring” advice:

Suggested Packing List

1. Chapstick
2. Lotion
3. Warm socks
4. Food for Austin (because his appetite is my chief concern)
5. Tennis balls
6. Lollipops
7. Every toiletry I’ve ever owned
8. Hand fan
9. iPod
10. All baby supplies and clothes
11. Baby reference book
12. Colored pillows
13. Camera
14. Camera charger
15. Video camera
16. Signed copies of birth plan
17. Filled water bottles
18. Waterproof pads for the ride home (what now?)
19. Loose fitting clothes
20. Wedding photo
21. Massage oils
22. Scented candles
23. Car seat
24. Birth announcements
25. Phone numbers
26. Tub-“if not available at hospital”
27. Books
28. Cash
29. Swimsuits (note the plural)
30. Nail clippers
31. Rolling pin
32. Curling Iron
33. Laxatives
34. …and finally, my personal favorite- A small backpack (so it won’t take up too much room)

How I’m supposed to fit all the baby’s gear and my clothes and a rolling pin and a “tub” into a small backpack is beyond me. Also, am I really going to need most of these things? Somehow I don’t quite believe that a cherry blossom candle and a picture of myself looking thin will do much to soothe the horrors of birth.

Within this conversation of what to bring to the hospital comes the discussion of the increasingly popular “birth song.” Rumor has it that I need to pick the perfect song to play as I expel 8 pounds of squirmy baby from my lady parts.

I mentioned this to Austin last night and he thought a birth song might be a little unrealistic. Even so, I did pick a song even though I’m fairly certain I will not need or want to listen to any music while in actual labor. You can listen to it here, and by listen I mean listen—not watch the odd video someone decided to make with this song in the background (If you have it in your own iTunes, it’s Rogue Wave’s song, “Eyes”).

Speaking of songs and babies, I’ve started a playlist of songs that are appropriate for Baby Baer’s ears including multiple instrumentals by favorites such as Craig Armstrong and James Newton Howard mixed with lullabyish songs by Eva Cassidy (a favorite) and Jewel. I don’t know if he/she can hear these songs in utero, but I feel soothed.

Anyways, I’m not sure what I will drag along come D-Day. I just know what I want to drag back. Suggestions very welcome, I have about 4 months to pack.




  1. Swimsuit: are you really going to wriggle in to one of these while in the midst of labor?

    Wedding photo: what’s that supposed to do? Bring back distant memories of baby-less bliss?

    Rolling pin: this is really the only one I have NO idea what it’s for. Why a rolling pin? To bop the mean nurse on the head with?

    Birth plan: I wrote one and didn’t follow it.

    Needed: loose clothes. Baby clothes. The bare necessities of toiletries. the car seat. the camera is nice. Anything else, Austin can run home and get or the hospital already provides anyway.

    Oh, I did keep a little dishpan with some towels, a clothespin and sterile water in the trunk of the car the last few weeks of pregnancy. Made me feel safe in case we got stuck in a ditch on the way to the hospital.

  2. Yes, I found many of these suggested items ridiculous! The rolling pin is for Austin to use on my back. No thanks.

    Good advice. I’m sure I’ll be consulting with you quite a bit.

    1. OVER KILL. I only took what I would take anywhere else for an overnight trip (with exception of my own, eh hem, toiletries as the ones they provide are from like 1965). And I thought the rolling pin was for hitting Austin over the head…I mean, when it comes down to it, the pain is ALL HIS FAULT. ;)

  3. Uh, I won’t even begin to explain what I did (not) take to the hospital.
    That list lets me feeling like an incompetent mom.

  4. I couldn’t help but laugh at the (mostly) ridiculous list! Believe me, if you forget most things it won’t be a big deal as you won’t care anyway! But DO remember loose clothes, a few baby items, the car seat as I’m sure you’ll want to bring the babe home with you, and the camera. Happy packing when the time comes!


  5. This list is so funny! Where did you find it? I love how #7 says, “excessive” toiletries and a TUB? What do they mean by that?? Nail Clippers? Curling iron??
    The things I found useful were loose cloths, deodorant, and slippers. I remember wishing I had some sweets too…like cookies;)

    1. Ooo Bec, good call on the sweets. I keep reading about how everyone is hungry in the hospital. Why are they starving you? You just had a baby! I will make sure to bring some snacks.

      I found the lists online after a very general google search. Some of the suggestions are ridiculous–though I have talked to people who actually DID bring things like a rolling pin. Crazy!

  6. That list is hilarious. I think chapstick as #1 is definitely appropriate, though. I’m confused…what is a birth song? I can see making a playlist, but does that mean you just play one song over and over again? Whatever the case, I love Rogue Wave and that song. Good baby-birthin’ music.

    In my undergrad OB rotation, I helped a teen mom give birth who played rap/R&B/Top 40 radio through the whole thing. It was awesome. The crusty old RN who was my preceptor disapproved and kept turning it down; everytime she left the room I cranked it up and the girl and I had a blast. See, birth can be fun! :)

    1. That is awesome! I should consider some upbeat tunes to help motivate me. Maybe some M.I.A or Ratatat. That could be helpful, even though it probably won’t be what I call “fun.” :)

  7. i am so confused by this list. a rolling pin!? i can not think of a single practical use for a rolling pin after having a baby. and tennis balls?! i guess if the first thing you want to do is a bake a pie and then play a rigorous game of tennis, you’ll be prepared.

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