Baby Blues

Today I woke up to find myself crying over a piece of peanut butter toast for 15 minutes. Is this normal? I thought Trimester Two was supposed to be a breeze, a welcome break from Trimester One in which to enjoy life and live it up before the baby is born. How depressing to find myself staring into the mirror like a zombie, bartering with my conscience over whether or not to skip work over feeling like a sad, pregnant blob.

Zoe reassures me that it’s all very normal and I’m not suffering from some psychotic disorder. It doesn’t help that an epically long sinus infection is wearing me down along with the resurrection of the morning heebee-queasies. Half my blubbering could be cured with a nap.

Today at work, three different people stopped to tell me how wonderful I look. They must have noticed the red circles under my eyes from my lunchtime cry (over nothing) and took pity. I honestly have nothing all that terrible to cry about. In fact, next week we leave for our babymoon in Florida, generously sponsored by Aunt Pat, and I couldn’t be more excited.

I suppose I’ll just have to get used to this new “normal” that includes volatile hormones, an intense longing for Mexican food, and poor digestion. I’m certainly not the first person to go through this. Lucky for me I’ll have a whole week to lie in the sun, sip on virgin drinks, and avoid mirrors. Maybe then I’ll be good as new? One can hope! Happy New Year.



  1. No worries! Being emotional is totally normal. I wish it could say it gets better as you progress in your pregnancy…but I think I got crazier.

    Your blog always makes me laugh! I hope you had a great Babymoon!

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