13 Weeks

Today I am 13 weeks along and feeling much better here in trimester two. I feel much more like myself, minus the small baby gut that is probably (definitely) more carbs than baby.

Everyone keeps telling me that any and all health blips are most likely due to the pregnancy, so now every time an ear or elbow or toe hurts I think—oh, the baby! Last week I thought it gave me a cavity until I went to the dentist and they told me I’m just brushing my teeth too hard.

A few days ago I unexpectedly felt it move, which leads me to believe there is a terrible rambunctious little boy cooped up in there, just waiting to terrorize me. Unfortunately that confirmation won’t arrive until early February, so until then we just have our guesses. I regrettably gave Austin the privilege of choosing a boy’s first name and a girl’s middle name early in the pregnancy.  Niles, Waters, Ronan, and Wilde are at the top of the list. Wilde Baer? Really? He did make up a beautiful middle name for our potential daughter that flows well with a name I chose long ago. This also leads me to believe we will most definitely have a boy.

In other news, we still don’t know where we’ll be next fall and are trying not to focus too much on finding that out. One day at a time. What will be will be.



One comment

  1. You make me smile!
    Make sure that Austin yells whatever name he chooses, out the backdoor 3 times before he finalizes it. That can quickly eliminate some stupid ones. But just keep in mind, most names are fine in the long run.
    And btw, pregnancy can most certainly cause cavities! Ask Carmen.

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