Surprise! There’s An Alien In My Uterus!

On October 18, 2010 I was feeling very tired. Strangely tired. Tired like I ran a marathon while eating donuts tired. I was also running to the bathroom every hour and just feeling kind of “off” in general. The average woman might suspect pregnancy right away, but I don’t normally get a period,  so I had nothing to “miss.” Also, my doctor had told me earlier this year that Austin and I had a less than 1% chance of conceiving naturally, so I doubted I was pregnant. But after a week of feeling tired and confused, I decided to pee on a stick to put my mind at ease.

In the long tradition of doing and saying things at inappropriate times, I took the test at work and almost fell off the toilet when the double lines showed up immediately. I went home shortly after due to panic and hyperventilation.

Austin was there and noticed I was acting nutty soon after I walked in the door, but dismissed it as moodiness and just rolled his eyes. After five minutes of pacing our ten foot apartment and suppressing nervous gas, I went into the bathroom to collect my thoughts and write “Hi Daddy” on my stomach in eyeliner as an ice breaker for my big news. You know, a cute way to say SURPRISE! THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY UTERUS!

After a semi-awkward speech about our “great three years together,” I lifted up my shirt and watched as Austin slowly absorbed the information and tried to form a response. I have never actually seen a person truly speechless until that moment. It was pretty comical. Soon shock turned to joy and soon we were smiling and giggling and congratulating each others reproductive systems.

A lot has happened since that surprising Monday in October. I’ve had an ultrasound (baby blob pictured above at 6 weeks), experienced my fair share of unrelenting nausea, and have decided that yes, I will have to give birth. Austin and I are pretty psyched about this next phase of our life together and have found many positives about the timing of this (yes I’m going to say it) miracle. The fateful day is predicted around June 24, 2011. I’m trying to focus less on the violent experience my body will go through next June and more on the result. I’ve never been great with the idea of birth. It all seems very traumatic.

A word about mommy blogs: I think there’s a time and a place for these types of things. For me, it’s an efficient and less annoying resource than clogging up unsuspecting acquaintances’ facebook newsfeeds. That said, please do not feel obligated to read up on my sore breasts or merciless pregnancy gas.

See you next June, baby Baer!




  1. I’m SOOO excited for you two!! You are just too funny and I can’t wait to hear about it all. So on Thanksgiving when I asked you the casual “how-are-you” question and your reply was the casual “fine”, were you telling the truth? :) And now that I think about it, you nearly gagged over the bite of stuffing A. “made” you eat because of the soggy bread. Definitely pregnant. Congratulations!

    Love you all,

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